Date : 05-04-2018

Dental care has an important role in a man’s life from childhood. In fact, it is said that the seeds for an ideal dental care for children are sowed in the womb itself. This is because the nutrition intake of the mother while pregnant affects the quality development of the child, including its teeth.

We often overlook the need for oral care in infants. But it is not to be so. Oral care should begin even before the eruption of the first tooth. Oral health and hygiene need to be cultivated in a child from the beginning of the years. This is because; teeth development affects the quality of speech, chewing, food habits and overall health of the child.

Dental Care for Children

  • Cleaning of infant’s gums every day after feeding
  • Habit of brushing the teeth twice a day from the eruption of the first tooth
  • Periodic dental visits to prevent the onset cavities or tooth decay
  • Creating awareness regarding the importance of oral health in the child
  • Ensuring the child’s nutritional requirements is met to ensure proper growth and development.

Common Dental problems in Children

Some of the common dental conditions occurring in children are as follows: -

  • Tooth decay – Excess sweet consumption and improper oral care can lead to tooth decay in children
  • Bad breath – due to bacterial action on residues in mouth
  • Gum diseases – not common among children, characterized by red and swollen gums
  • Discoloration of teeth – can be caused due to staining which leads to loss of colour of teeth
  • Teething problems – discomforts in babies within 4 to 10 due to the eruption of teeth
  • Orthodontic problems – bite and occlusion issues occurring in children
  • Skeletal problems of face – Some deformities in face can be caused by birth or accidents
  • Habit correction – involves actions like thumb sucking, lip sucking, finger biting etc
  • Sensitive teeth – caused due to exposure of dentin, the layer beneath teeth enamel.

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